Find out how to apply for free SEOG and FSEOG grants to get help paying for school!

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity– Learn How to Apply for an FSEOG Before Funding Runs Out!

Pell Grant funding is unlimited, meaning each student who qualifies will be able to get money. SEOG grants are different: each college or university receives a set amount of SEOG grant money.

Even if a student qualifies for an FSEOG grant, they may not be able to get any money if they apply too late. And since college financial aid offices award SEOG grants, each school will have its own deadline for applying.

This means you have to apply for an SEOG grant immediately to make sure you get all the financial aid you qualify for.

Like the Pell Grant, the SEOG grant is a form of federal student aid. So this means you just have to fill out the FAFSA online to find out if you qualify for a Pell Grant, SEOG grant and any other type of federal student aid. After submitting the application, you’ll find out if you qualify within 3-5 days. Your eligibility for an FSEOG grant – and your FSEOG grant amount – will be based on:

  • Your household’s total income and assets.
  • When you apply.
  • Other types of aid you receive, like a Pell Grant.
  • The amount of SEOG money your school still has.

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